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E.P is a company engaged in mechanical equipment manufacturing, and is one of the leading manufacturers of coal briquette and dryer engineering and construction in China. Since 2000, E.P Machinery has been manufacturing and developing mechanical equipment. Our accumulated experience and knowledge over the years enable us to provide the best solution for each process application. Today, E.P is proud to be the world's leading manufacturer of services and equipment for all types of briquette applications. Our experienced engineers enable us to design specific molding machines for a wide range of applications. E.P's internal manufacturing ensures the quality and reliability of machine performance, and has a large number of key replacement parts in stock.

1. Briquette machine

With more than 10 years’ development, our team has rich experience in providing machines to our clients and we have a lot of successful cases. Apart from the professional team, we also provide various high-quality equipment including shisha charcoal briquette making machine, charcoal briquette extruders, biomass briquette making machine, coal powder briquette machine, metal powder briquette machine, drying machines, crushing machines, mixing machines and other auxiliary equipment.

2. Pellet making machine

E.P Machinery has been engaged in manufacturing and developing all kinds of pellet production line, consisting of pellet machines, crushing machines, drying machines, packing machines and auxiliary equipment. Pellet machines include biomass pellet making machine, wood pellet making machine, sawdust pellet making machine, poultry feed pellet machine, floating feed pellet machine, pet food making machine and so on.

3. Assembly line

E.P Machinery can manufacture all kinds of automatic assembly lines. What’s more, E.P also provide installation service. Our automatic assembly lines can be applied in manufacturing industry for assembling air conditioners, assembling electronic products, assembling agricultural machinery, assembling furniture and so on.

4. Lightweight wall panel production line

Lightweight wall panel production line is one of the main products of E.P Machinery. It is a multi-purpose production line. For example, you can use the production line to produce hollow lightweight wall panels, solid lightweight wall panels or sandwich lightweight wall panels. Besides, the length of the finished wall panels can be adjusted, as long as you adjust the production line. In general, this production line can be applied to make all kinds of lightweight wall panels such as cement wall panels, magnesium alloy panels, composite panels and magnesium sulfide panels.