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Spare Parts

We supply spare parts for all kinds of briquette machines we manufactured, we also customized spare parts according to your order.

Just tell us your spare part name, measurement, material, and along with photos, then we’ll contact with you and help you to manufacture the very spare part you want.

Remember: Excessively worn parts can cause serious losses in productivity and product quality. Do not wait until the last minute to order your spares.


Minimizing downtime in the event of an incident.

Whatever the issue, our experts offer a fast and reliable technical support service. You can access professional advice via all kinds of communication softwares or over the phone, and decide together with the E.P service team whether you need on-site technical assistance.

How our service benefits you:

  • You can rely on the expert support of our experienced service technicians.
  • You reduce the time your machinery is offline.
  • The E.P service team will help you to resolve any interruptions in your production process quickly and efficiently – you can rely on our problem-solving expertise.

Training &Maintenance

Technical will be easy to master.

Our experts will go to your factory guiding you to install the briquette line and training your workers on how to operate the machines as well as the maintenance.


owards a successful future.

Our experts will work together with you to define your requirements, analyse your existing processes, offer you in-depth advice and implement the optimum solution for sustainable success.

In the area of strategic consulting, we will help you with market and product range portfolio development. Our plant performance consulting services focus on evaluating and improving performance, product quality and production processes. And energy consulting is all about optimizing your energy efficiency.

How our service benefits you:

You maximize quality and profitability.

Reduce your operating costs.

Our consultants combine practice-based insights with years of experience – so make our expertise work for you.