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E.P Is The Abbreviation Of Environment Protection. Green Represents Peace, Environmental Protection, Safety, Nature And Vigorous Vitality. The Entire Logo Graphic Is Like A Capital EP, Converging And Symmetrical In Color, Depicting A Harmonious Vitality Under The Bright Sunshine, Telling People That Green Energy Can Bring Vigorous Vitality. The Green Logo Also Reminds People To Protect The Environment And Prevent Pollution, And Create New Harmony In Nature By Improving The Relationship Between People And The Environment. The Crisscross Green Forms An Upward Gushing Trend Under The Mutual Outline, Which Represents EP's Inspiration And Creative Means To Bring Green And Harmony To The World. It Also Reflects EP Group's Leading Position In The Industry, And Shows EP's Grand Goal Of Revitalizing China's Machinery Industry And Becoming The First In The World.