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  • Q. What moisture content can be for briquetting material?

    A. Moisture content of a briquette can be around 0-40, it depends on your raw material and the briquetter, for biomass the moisture always around 13%, for other materials, briquetters is the core for the moisture content, there’s no requirement on metal briquetting.

  • Q. What type of metal chips can be briquetted?

    A. Aluminum swarf/chips Steel swarf/chips Stainless Steel swarf/chips Brass swarf/chips Titanium swarf/chips Cast Iron swarf/chips Copper swarf/chips Nickel swarf/chips.

  • Q. Can my material be briquetted?

    A. All kinds of material can be briquette. But you have to choose the right briquette making machine to get a proper cost on investment and running.

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