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  • What is the production capacity of the ball press?

    It depends on the size of the ball socket (the size of the finished ball) and the density of the material.

  • How long is the service life of the roller mold of the briquetting machine?

    65Mn (10-12 months); 9Cr2Mo (1.5-2 years); Stainless steel (3-4 years)

  • What is the pressure of the ball press equipment?

  • Q. Can your briquette machine be equipped with diesel motor?

    A. For these small type briquette machines, this is a choice acceptable.

  • Q. There so many briquette machines, which one is suitable for me?

    A. You can learn from our News for the applications and find your machine, or contact us for helping you find the most suitable briquette machine.

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