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  • Q. What kinds of cost are there when I’m running a briquette plant?

    A. Mainly there will be charges as follow: labour, maintenance, electricity, raw material, raw material transport, etc.

  • Q. Do I need other accessories for building up a briquette plant?

    A. These accessories will help you to make your materials much suitable for briquetting, material well dealt with will help to get higher quality briquette. If you are short in investment, we will help you to choose the core machines for making your briquette plant with the best efficiency and quality.

  • Q. Can your briquette machine be equipped with diesel motor?

    A. For these small type briquette machines, this is a choice acceptable.

  • Q. There so many briquette machines, which one is suitable for me?

    A. You can learn from our News for the applications and find your machine, or contact us for helping you find the most suitable briquette machine.

  • Q. What moisture content can be for briquetting material?

    A. Moisture content of a briquette can be around 0-40, it depends on your raw material and the briquetter, for biomass the moisture always around 13%, for other materials, briquetters is the core for the moisture content, there’s no requirement on metal briquetting.

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